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One of the biggest problem which mobile operators want to solve related with the growing interest in data services is contradiction between quality resulting from statistics (in the control system of operator) and quality from the subjective view of user (when using of data services in real life)

Wirme – Wireless e2e Measurement system is focused specifically on measuring service quality from the customer perspective.

Features and advantages

E2E type of measurement using customer application ( data transfers, phone calls, text messages etc.)
  • Obtaining of actual data from real operation
  • Focusing on user of applications
  • Assignment which adjustments in the settings of network can affect the operation of user applications
Flexible test scenarios
  • Simulation of user behavior in relation to the specific time of day, day of week, or location
  • Testing with the help of the stressful and load tests in selected locations
Alarms – notifications of critical situation
  • Immediate notifications of critical situations, especially about the unavailability of the GPRS / HSDPA / LTE
  • Integration with control system wirmeCONTROL
  • Integration to central surveillance system (Oracle connector) and SMS gateway
Data analysis and reporting of problem
  • The ability to detect composite errors, as well as the unique errors relating with a particular place or areas
  • The ability to define the conditions which are evaluated based on the requirements
Auto-correction and detection of mechanisms which measuring units, including HW-wotchdog and supply of unit *)
  • Minimum costs for maintenance of measuring units
  • Operational stability without the need for service intervention
Remote management and actualization
  • Ability for remote management of measuring units
  • The ability to remotely update measurement scenarios
  • Control of measuring unit by SMS commands
Central application (wirmeCONTROL)
  • Web user interface
  • Central logging
  • User-friendly, limiting of user errors
  • Implementing of block operations
  • The central view of the actual state of the measuring system
  • Control of measurement regarding to region and time (possibility of measuring in vehicle)
* It depends on the technical design of the measuring unit

Types of measurement tasks

  • SMS, MMS
  • Phone call (called / received, between MT, on Asterisk)
  • TCPDUMP communication monitoring support
  • Measurement with IPERF3
  • Busybox support

SMS control commands

  • Delete file
  • Download file from central FTP server
  • Ping to a given address (pingprobe)
  • Detecting unit status
  • Call the synchronization from a central server
  • Upload file to central server
  • Upload local logs to central server
  • Restart the measurement unit

Options of extension

Wirme system can be modified and developed in the following areas:
  • The measuring unit (mobile device) can be fitted to different case types as required
  • Possibility of integrating wirmeCONTROL application server with internal infrastructure operator (integration with monitoring / surveillance system, data warehouse, SMS center, etc.)
  • Improve user friendliness and functionality with the wirmeCONTROL server
  • Extending analytics tools within the wirmeCONTROL server

Architecture of solutions

The measuring unit consists of a mobile device with Android operating system and measuring Wirme application. The mobile device to ensure full functionality of the measuring application must be tested. Now there are some models available from Samsung and Huawei. A conventional mobile device may not support full measurement application functionality. The mobile device can also be mounted in a specialized case with the option of a watchdog

The network for measuring units used for purposes of providing individual measurements in specific locations required by the customer (e.g. In connection location of the customer - gas station, station hall, hotel lobbies etc.) or in identified areas of the telecommunications network (e.g. In the scope of one BSC, SGSN, etc. ). This network communicates with central wirmeCONTROL server via two communication channels.

DATA – primary communication channel
The main communication channel is data connection that uses a point- to – point protocol and data services. This communication channel is mainly used for distribution of test scenarios, remote management of unit (including synchronization), download of measured data (log protocols) and for individual measurements and testing individual services.

SMS – secondary (control and signaling) communication channel
The second communication channel, which is used is Short Message Service (SMS), which is mainly used for remote management of units via SMS commands and for sending of alarms and reports about critical states of units – especially if the data connection is not accessible.

Possibilities of using

Wirme is not just a test and measurement system – it can be also used as a main infrastructure for many other applications, particularly in the following areas:
  • Measurement and data acquisition including transfer to a central collection point
  • Distribution of data to remote device
  • Operation and management of remote device
  • Testing and checking of hardware for data transmission
  • Comparative measurements on the level of individual providers of data connection
  • Possible of combinations of the mentioned activities

Administration interface examples

2nd generation units - for mobile device installation

Examples of measuring applications (mobile devices)

WirmeUnit Type IV (Samsung S5 / S5 Neo)

1st generation units - integrated PC with Linux OS

WirmeUnit Type III 2G/3G (4G)

WirmeUnit Type II/II+ 2G/3G

WirmeUnit Type I 2G (PC104)




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