Company history

The beginning of the existence of our company is associated with an advertising agency Business Arts for which we are fully secured information technology. Here, we also realized the first projects for clients from the ranks of real estate brokers and trading companies. In time was constituted a division of the agency focusing just on IT using technology from company Progress Software.

The arrival of another partner originated from this division in 1993 by Business Arts Development, which was already a specialized on Lotus Notes platform. In 1994, there was a complete separation from the "parent" agency Business Arts and it was renamed CS Development.

Logo firmy, 1994 - 1999

"Since 1993,our main domain has been technology Lotus Notes,then it was the version 3.0c." - Ing. Jan Suchomel - director

"Then the System Lotus Notes was used by CocaCola, General Motors, NASA. Bundeswehr, CIA. But here the system was unknown..." - Ing. František Bašta - technical director

In the same year we won first big order. Our client was the company EDIT- producer one of the first company catalog in CR. The aim was to develop and implement a system for collecting and processing data from ca. 12 branches throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics (including billing module - job tailor-made just for Lotus Notes). Thanks this system, so was created first electronic catalog of companies on CD-ROM in Czech republic (in addition to the printed catalog)!

In 1994 we became a partner in Lotus company, in 1996 after fulfilling all the necessary requirements we received top title – Lotus Premium Partner. After completion acquisition of Lotus by IBM company was the name of the highest level of partnership changed to IBM Premier Partner.

In this period we gained next important experience and also we strengthened the position in the domestic market suppliers of information technology.

Logo firmy, 1999 - 2002

Milestone in our development was the year 1997. The largest mobile telecommunications company – Eurotel has became by our client. In first phase of coopration it was migration of all postal systém from MS Mail platform to Lotus Notes platform. Besides this "internal project" our company have developed and implemented for Eurotel a system Dealer Station (this system solves the communication operator with a network of authorized dealers). The system treats the contractual and technical processes of activation new customers and related services. The result of rising claims of Eurotel company on original system Dealer Station was later developed on a new POS system (Point of Sales), which was extended to all showrooms of Eurotel company.

In this context, we consider it appropriate to recall significant share of Eurotel company in analytic part of mentioned projects. Also we can´t forget the fact, that thanks this cooperation with Eurotel company,in years 1997 to 2001 our company has recorded the largest growth in its history.

In 1998 we had the opportunity to contribute directly to the development of system Lotus Notes. Together with Irish branch of Lotus company we participaded on testing of czech lokalization of Lotus Notes R5, which was for us very interesting and unusual experience. Along with the growing number of realized projects and related technologies our portfolio was gradually extended on other products IBM company (for example IBM Websphere and Content Management). And it has brought us a larger range of knowledge and skills in many key areas.

Logo firmy, 2002 - současnost

With growing security risks related mainly with mass internet expansion to our company in the next years focused on antivirus, anti-spam and security technologies. The result of this activity was a partnership with a major player in this field - Symantec company - signed in 2001. In the same year we exceeded the limit of annual turnover of CZK 100 milion for the first time.

In 2002, there was a consolidation of all branches into one plant (address: Oldřichova 52, Prague 2). At that time we have expanded our services - call center providing technical contract support (365 days a year). Our CRM solution is localized into other languages and so we are able to cover the European branchs of our clients.

In 2006 was finished building of new company offices on address: Oldřichova 52, Praha 2.

The advent of mobile devices on platform iOS and Android was a challenge for us to creation and porting our applications on these operating systems. Since 2011, we have been creating systems supporting the world of Lotus Notes / Domino and mobile devices of our clients as well as applications exclusively for these devices. Since 2012, our company Apple Developer has been partner for the iOS platform..